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Warsito P. Taruno, Scientist Creator Tool Busters Breast Cancer

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Warsito P. Taruno, Scientist Creator Tool and Brain Busters Breast Cancer Cured in Counts Takes a Month
Initially, Warsito Indonesia is one of the researchers that a career in Shizuoka University, Japan. In college, men 54 years it has also become one of his professors. During their stay in Japan, living Warsito more than enough. Moreover, the government there is very attentive and appreciate the researchers.

But, it does not preclude a determination Warsito to return home. He then pioneered the establishment CTECH Labs (Center for Laboratory Research Tomography) Edwar Technology engaged in discovery technology.

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Over time, the agency is growing rapidly, while based at the shop in the area of ​​housing Modernland, Tangerang. A number of systems and tools Warsito successfully created and is now the target of an international world. “I wanted to go to Indonesia and do their own research,” explains Warsito when met at his office, CTECH Edwar Technology Labs, yesterday (29/12).

Now Warsito and his team are developing a brain cancer-fighting tools and breast cancer. The tool of the scanner technology or electrical capacitance tomography based on a static electric field (electrical capacitance volume tomography / ECVT).

With these tools, the original Warsito Karanganyar repellent device that creates four breast cancer and brain cancer. The device consisted of brain activity scanner breast scanner activity, brain cancer capacitive electro therapy, and breast cancer capacitive electro therapy.

Brain activity scanners made Warsito since June 2010. The tool works studying human brain activity in three dimensions. Form of such a device similar to a helmet with dozens of holes with a connector that is connected to a data acquisition station is connected to a computer.

The device can detect the presence or absence of cancer cells in the brain. “With the tool, it can also be seen how severe brain cancers suffered by patients,” said Warsito.

Meanwhile, breast scanner activity was created in September. To some extent, the two devices have the same, ie, detect the presence of cancer cells in the body.

In addition to these two tools, Warsito complete with electro makes brain cancer therapy and breast cancer capacitive capacitive electro therapy. Two wave-based device with a battery-powered static electricity. Two such tools are proven to kill cancer cells to completion in just over two months.

Warsito creation tools have proven efficacy to his sister who had breast cancer stage IV. Encouraged by her sister’s condition, Suwarni, alumnus of the Department of Chemical Engineering Shizuoka University, Japan, is creating a breast cancer therapy based capacitive electro static electricity.

Form of the tool chest is made similar to the cover containing the flow of static electricity on the inside. Topless black was connected to a battery that can be in-charge. “Deliberately similar to the breastplate let easy to use,” said Warsito.

Warsito was wearing a finding that his brother for a month. Cover the chest must be worn for 24 hours. In the first week, visible side effects of the tool. However, the effect is not as painful to the chemotherapy process. Only, the sweat of patients who use these tools slimy and very smelly. Urine and feces (droppings) even more foul-smelling. According to Warsito, it indicates that the cancer cells are being issued.

“The stench was coming from the dead cancer cells and excreted through urine, sweat, and feces. However, the patient felt no pain, just hot, “he explained.

Warsito findings proved successful. Within a month after use, laboratory test results stating that his brother has cancer negative. A month later, his brother was cleared of cancer cells that almost claimed the lives it.

For capacitive electro brain cancer therapy, such Chaerunnisa Rita’s husband tried to wear it to a 21-year-old boy who suffered from advanced stages of brain cancer. The basic material used is similar to the capacitive electro breast cancer therapy. However, the shape is adapted to the shape of the head that resembles the protective headgear.

Similar to the methods applied to his brother, Warsito wearing such a device to the young man for a month in September. Because the tool is worn on the head, the patient will feel hot on the head.

In the three days beginning the use of such tools, the patient will increase the level of emotion. After that, the symptoms appear until the stools are slimy sweat more really bad smell.

Warsito told, the young man initially suffered total paralysis. He could not get out of bed, could not even swallow food. Cancer cells have spread in the area of ​​the patient’s brain stem. However, after a week of use of such tools, the young man was able to get out of bed and move his hands and feet.

After two months of usage, the young man had been declared cured. “Two months is clean. The cancer was gone, “he said.

After the success of two patients, Warsito received many orders. In fact, amounted to hundreds. When orders membeludak, Warsito staff were forced to work extra late into the night. Therefore, every patient can not use the same tools. “The tool that therapy should be made in accordance with the patient’s condition so that is not the same between one and another,” he explained.

Because it is still classified as research, it is classified as a therapeutic tool prices are very affordable, only about $ 1 million. Currently cancer-fighting tool has been registered at the Ministry of Health to receive authorization. “If we had permission, could soon be used by the public. Prices may change, but certainly still affordable, “he said.

The success of these Warsito was also the international attention. One of them, The University of King Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia. Universities located in the city of Jeddah was already booked breast activity Brain activity scanners and scanner. “And one more tool that uses a scanner to petroleum ECVT 128-channel system,” he explained.

A major hospital in India had already ordered a number of tools of creation Warsito breast cancer therapy. “Yes, just a few days ago we did a clinical test in India,” he added.

Before finding exterminator breast and brain cancer, Warsito already known internationally through his findings, namely ECVT system. ECVT system is the final task Warsito when a student S-1 at Shizuoka University, Japan, in 1991. Based on these systems, the United States Space Agency (NASA) was interested in using the scanner technology Warsito findings.

NASA used it on the shuttle. Such technology makes it possible to see through heaps of material on the outer wall of the shuttle. “If there’s heaps of water on the outside of the plane, the walls can be burned,” he explained.

Not only that. Currently teaching at Ohio State University in 2001, he successfully developed the electrical capacitance tomography based on a static electric field. Paper that explained it was published in the journal Measurement Science and Technology. The article became the most accessed paper in the online publication by the Institute of Physics (London).

The technology is patented in America in 2003. While still actively teaching and struggling with a number of research at Ohio State University, United States, Warsito instead chose to return to Indonesia in 2003. The choice to return to the homeland is not sanctioned the institution where she taught at that time. Still a lot of obligations that must be met Warsito.

As a result, he was forced back and forth on American-Indonesia during the period 2003? 2006. In 2005, Warsito began teaching at the Department of Medical Physics, University of Indonesia.

However, in 2006, the Ohio State University who has been funding research Warsito stop the flow of funds. Warsito who was then already built a company in Indonesia threatened with bankruptcy. For two years he attempted to cover all research costs in various ways. “Out-out pokonya,” he explained.

However, behind the financial difficulties that convolute, Warsito managed to do an achievement. In late 2007, he succeeded in creating a four-dimensional tomographic system first in the world. Institution where he worked first, Ohio State University, directly interested in buying the system.

“But I wants them to pay 100 percent up front. At first they thought about it. But, after their rival Washington State University were also interested in buying, they just okay, “he explained.

From there Warsito financial condition improves. Without government assistance, he began to create other findings. Among other things, the findings of CT Scanner called Sona. The tool is based ultrasonic scanner for high pressure gas cylinders. Such a device is orders of PT Citra Nusa Gemilang, supplier of the gas tube for bus Transjakarta.

Thanks to a number of findings, Warsito been rewarded several awards. Among others, awards pioneering industrial technology, Ministry of Industry; technology innovator award, Kemenristek; to award Achmad Bakrie in 2009 for the technology.

Looking ahead Warsito said that he wanted to deepen its findings. Namely, the detection device of the brain and breast cancer. He also will create tools for all types of cancer therapy using static electric wave method. “The focus in the future yes in the first three,” he added.JPPN

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