A World-class Academic Medical Centre and A state-of-the-art Medical University.
Medical Education at a fraction of the cost.

GMU has a lot to offer any prospective student, with the opportunities presented to students, in addition to its architecture, the world class staff and facilities, and the sheer number of programmes of study, GMU will be the perfect choice for any student, with available on-site residential and living areas better than the regulator-recommended 3600 mm × 5400 mm per student accommodation in addition to adequate staff residential facilities. We aim to bring outstanding students from underrepresented minorities to the medical/health fraternity, a radical departure from the two main public medical schools in Ghana. Our firm roadmap and execution plan seeks to correct that anomaly by ensuring equal opportunities for all, where prospective students do not need to have a practicing medical doctor in their family before getting a shot at medical education - democratising medical education via a revolutionary, developing country-relevant, globally-acceptable business model with a solid sustainable financial infrastructure.


The medical facility will comprise five centres of excellence that specialise in diabetes and endocrinology, muscles, bones and joints, emergency medicine, pulmonary medicine and cardiology. The Medi-City is being developed to also run accredited 15 specialties and super specialties not limited to Oncology, Reproductive Medicine, Transfusion Medicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Robotic Surgery, Transplants, and Medical Genetics and also featuring an Automated Medication Dispensing System.


Unlike most start-up or even existing institutions, we have created a specialist GMU fund (to metamorphosize into the GMU Endowment) being managed by professionals on returns in line with group policy allocation, in rolling-out our medical education business from 2020, for the medical university to have the freedom to be really creative in complimenting the inadequate government efforts in that sector. All steps have been taken (and are being taken) to ensure all components are in place, to become leaders in medical research and educating the next generation of healthcare professionals including the establishment of additional residency programmes, partnership and collaboration with DCANS Healthcare Ghana, DCANS Healthcare UK, major local and international academic partners and industry players in providing shareholder and stakeholder value.

Operative Model that compares with any top-notch medical institution anywhere in the world.

GMU is aimed at integrating world-class medical education and research in collaboration with the global leaders in the field and holistic health care facilities. A world class convention centre in the campus will be an arena for connoisseur forums, and landmark events opening new avenues in healthcare and positioning the institution as a Knowledge hub for the generations to follow. GMU will continue to strive for excellence in patient care, medical education, and research and community service helping Ghana to emerge as a Global destination for healthy living and an attraction for medical travellers from all over the world. The majority of Ghanaians studying abroad are in these unregulated, for-profit medical schools. Most of the students are more than qualified to become physicians. But they’re not studying in really well established, top-flight schools.

In the old way of teaching the non-clinical activities in medical school, there were many departments. There were departments of physiology, anatomy, pharmacology and on and on. Those departments came into being 100 years ago because that was the structure of research at the time. That is no longer the case, yet the tenacious ownership of pieces of the curriculum [by the old departments] has prevented schools from presenting information in a more logical format.

We are not going to create any of those departments. We want to link things so if we’re learning anatomy and physiology of the heart, we let students get into the operating room and look at open heart surgery to see not the perfect world of the textbook but the real world. And our innovatively creative resource-rich EdTech Platform is to eliminate all irrelevant non-clinical academic traditional lecture room meetings - An inclusive component to maximise student intake, rivalling current public institution numbers, if not dwarfing it altogether. Over five years of committed time, effort, financial resources and planning strategies and challengies is getting us to the point of admitting students from 2020 (if not far earlier), after all accreditation and/or regulatory processes are completed.

GMU will primarily serve Ghana, the West Africa sub-region and Africa at large, with each graduating class and school becoming models of innovation, curriculum, pedagogy, faculty development, and making institutional, regional and community impact and engagement. We are very optimistic that our graduates will have many positive benefits for the communities in which they get to render their services, more importantly the patients they care for.

The GMU Private Student Loans Programme, an alternative loan for health professionals is designed for undergraduate and graduate students in medical, nursing, dental, and other health-related programmes. Get a jump start on your higher education financing with GMU private student loans. Payments can be deferred while you are in school, or you can choose to begin repayment immediately to save on interest expense or students will make no payments until six months after leaving school (up to 60 months). You can take up to 15 years to repay. Outstanding debt can be forgiven upon the death of the borrower. No application, origination, or early repayment fees. Most students can qualify on his or her own without a cosigner. However, a cosigner may help you get a lower interest rate. Applying with a creditworthy co-signer may increase your chances of approval.

You must be enrolled as a GMU student, making satisfactory academic progress, demonstrate financial need as well as integrity, motivation and commitment to their chosen profession and must be a Ghanaian citizen or permanent resident to qualify. Funds can be used for any education-related expense. Eligible students may borrow from $500 up to $20,000 (in cedi equivalents) per year but with structured quarterly disbursements, depending on course of the borrower and the cosigner/guarantor. Fixed rate loan interest rates to range from 4.50% to 12.00% pa. It is important that GMU students anticipating the need for financial assistance at any time during their education undertake free early long-term planning with our Finance and Investments Office. Fostering the education of future generations of students is a mission that reflects the spirit on which GMU is being built and no student enrolled at GMU will be allowed to dropout or clock poor academic records on account of finance-related issues and GMU will ensure that. To apply for MedLoan, please login to the MYGMU Online Services after all regulatory processes have been completed.

We are offering a responsive online jobs platform that lists both full-time/part-time professional and part-time student work placements in medical/health and non-medical related jobs at GMU. The student part-time jobs listing is aimed at providing the student the needed experience for the workplace environment and even earn side income as well to cover living costs, reduce debt and repay loans. One can search jobs in academic, science, research, charities, administrative employment and even commercial ventures on GMU campus. Post-qualification local and international job opportunities guaranteed on multiple platforms with competitive employment packages.

The GMU Investments Office manages GMU's Funds and certain related assets: contains multiple number of funds with a variety of purposes and restrictions, in providing long-term funding for designated purposes. A reliable source of support for GMU and its mission of teaching and research, financial support for faculty and students, including professorships and financial aid for undergraduates, graduate fellowships, and student life and activities. Funds are currently managed through internal investment professionals within the group until oversight is moved over to a wholly owned subsidiary of GMU, GMU Management Company. post-accreditation and/or first graduating class.

GMU Grants & Giving

GMU contributes to medical education through grants to students and faculty on the basis of financial need and/or academic achievement for innovative research (clinical, or community-based research interests) with commercial, industrial or social relevance.

Private Student Loans

Financing your study becomes important due to possibly higher tuition fees, living costs and other education related expenses. GMU will provide adequate direct student loans, not available to other students of most tertiary institutions in Ghana.

Available Scholarships

A great variety of scholarships to students coming from any of the underserved areas. A portion of GMU Funds on a merit-based or need-based scholarship and provide funding for endowed professorships, in attracting world-class educators.

Faculties and Programmes

School of Nursing & Midwifery

Exceptional Diploma and Degree Nursing Programmes with cutting edge technology / infrastructure, amazing architecture, facilities, faculty and opportunities for experience and acceptably unmatched clinical clerkship. First intake: 2020.

School of Biomedical Sciences

Interdisciplinary programmes, including neuroscience, infectious disease and pathway medicine, cancer, cardiovascular disease, development and stem cells, drug discovery, immunology and infection, metabolism and obesity, and structural biology. First intake: 2021.

School of Pharmacy

Programme to develop scientists who have deep understanding of the scientific basis of diseases, and also great managers. Pharmaceutical legend grants availability for new drug trials. First intake: 2022.

School of Medicine

Family medicine, internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics and obstetrics/gynaecology are key to our structure in serving as the foundation of medical students' clinical experiences. First intake: 2023.

Ready to do something?

We will schedule Free Open Day Events after all accreditation processes are completed and before academic calendar. Some existing hospitals, clinics, pharmacies owned by the group wholly or partially via joint ventures and some other partnership arrangements via DCANS Healthcare and additional ones to be added as part of the GMU clinical structure will continue to offer expert healthcare by qualified professionals.

Beware of fraudsters who may use our name to defraud you for any purposes not limited to admissions. There will be no paper application forms, as all student applications will be 100% complete online on a secured interactive platform. When we receive the final greenlight, we'll put a link to the NAB website showing our accreditation details and both links below will become active, in addition to comprehensive advertising and marketing you would see and/or hear about.