General Nursing & Midwifery School of Nursing

Where that in the center faces the nameless horrors alone.

General Nursing and Midwifery

Offering world-class physical infrastructure, clinical facility and teaching faculty in starting an approved programme by start of student intake.

Other specialised areas of training: community health nursing, communicable diseases, mental health (psychiatric nursing), cardiology, neurology, oncology, nephrology.

With an initial annual admission capacity of 60-75 students and the constructed area of school of 23,720 square feet, we are working to complete all accreditation requirements in time for 2020 first intake. Adequate living areas, hostels and residential accommodation (30,750 sq ft) for students and staff in addition to teaching block areas, common room, staff room, library, a.v. aids room, faculty room, department heads rooms, multipurpose hall, lecture halls for nursing foundation lab, nutrition, chn, obg & pediatrics lab, pre-clinical science lab, computer lab, .

Student Enrollment

The undergraduate programme will take in 60–75 students annually starting from 2020 (and rooming up to 250) who have an interest chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, mathematics, english, humanities or social sciences.


A Three-year programme

Job Opportunities

Graduates are always guaranteed employment opportunities via DCANS Healthcare local and international care platform.